Will a Grey Wooden Floor Look Good in My Home?

Will a Grey Wooden Floor Look Good in My Home

Opting for something a little bit different or unusual in your home can seem a little daunting, and when it comes to a space as large as the floor, playing it safe is often the easier option.

Try to visualise the space in a particular colour or with a specific pattern. Take photographs, and look at images in magazines and on sites like Pinterest.

Engineered flooring is a versatile option if you want to add a colour like grey. It isn’t as expensive as real hardwood but looks and feels better than laminate. And you can add a rug or rugs and change them as often as you like.


Just as not all styles of fashion suit every figure, it follows than not all rooms will be able to ‘wear’ grey floors, though the shade will make a difference. Look at the size of the windows and how much natural light fills the room.

Grey works well on its own, offering a relaxing, calm look, but it also works well as a base for other colours or patterns. Green undertones keep it current.

Houzz has some pointers on the sort of questions you should be asking when you visit a specialist retailer like https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring.html.
It is important to choose something you like but also to understand how that will work in the space you have, so be sure to do some homework before starting out.


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