Shani Full Episode Cast and Main Characters

Shani Full Episode Cast and Main Characters

Lord Shani wrath is extremely a lot of called per Hindu mythology. Shani is that the giver of justice on the premise of solely deeds. Colors’ stated a good mythology on the life journey of Shani, since the birth chapter. Shani’s judgmental traits and his clashes together with his father Lord Surya makes the thought of the show.

After the creating of universe, Devas and Asurs battle goes on since ages. Asurs need their right in Swarglok. To penalise the sinners, a singular Dev are born, United Nations agency is mentored by Lord knife. By obtaining humiliated by his father, justice was the sole motive of Shani’s life. Karmfal Daata Shani brings a stimulating tale of Shani’s perception towards gruelling the sinners. As a trifle baby, Shani couldn’t bear a tear in his mother’s eyes, and brings eclipse on his father Surya to ruin his pride. everybody regard Shani as a danger sign, however the show can bring the $64000 story of Shani’s life.

Shani Main Characters:


Shani is that the solely power United Nations agency judges each Dev, Devi, and humans by their deeds. Shani is understood to try to to justice with the being with whom injustice happened. Shani isn’t frightened to even penalise Swarglok members. Shani is wise, judgmental and apt thinker. he’s rough and not tormented by relations and emotions. Shani is completely unbiased and simply supports truth and right things. Shani’s choices typically surprise everybody. Shani doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him and his choices. Shani is associate degree good and amative son. Shani is ideal in his own deeds, and punishes anyone United Nations agency will dangerous deeds. There area unit typically clashes of Shani and other’s opinions.


Surya Dev is that the Lord of sunshine and life. Surya is giver of information. Surya is supreme entity. Surya could be a blessing for humans. He spreads his lightweight within the world. His love is equal for everybody, however once he gets angry, the sunshine gets harsh to burn the enemy. Surya has various ego, which is his weakness. Surya doesn’t forgive anyone simply. Surya’s pride is that the solely issue which may overpower his knowledge. Surya’s pride is taken down by his son Shani, United Nations agency brings associate degree eclipse on the powerful Surya.


Sandhya is Surya’s partner and strength. She is amative, caring, loyal and dedicated to Surya. She has 2 kids Hindu deity and Yami. Her kids mean life to her. She can’t bear Surya’s radiance and burns very little whenever she goes near Surya. Sandhya goes to try to to penance and gain resistance and strength involved Surya’s heat. Sandhya leaves for a Tapasya while not informing Surya. She leaves behind her shadow Chaya. Chaya is her clone United Nations agency takes care of Sandhya’s kids. Sandhya comes back and gets to understand Chaya organic process to a different son Shani. Sandhya gets too raging seeing her clone cheating her. Chaya is that the shadow and so will beat Surya’s heat. She could be a caring mother to Hindu deity, Yami and Shani. Chaya includes a larger heart than Sandhya. Chaya spends her life taking care of kids. She protects Shani from Surya’s wrath and Inder’s greed.

Shani Colors Tv Serial Cast:

Kartikey Malviya are playing the role as Shani

Salil Ankola are playing the role as Surya

Juhi Parmar are playing the role as Sandhya/Chhaya

Diwakar Pundir are playing the role as Vishnu

Tarun Khanna are playing the role as Shiva

Kunal Bakshi are playing the role as Indra

Tinu Verma are playing the role as Shukracharya

Gufi Paintal are playing the role as Vishwakarma


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