How to relieve toothache in pregnancy


During pregnancy, and due to the many hormonal changes, the gums of women are toned much more sensitive so it is not uncommon at this stage to suffer from frequent toothaches or teeth. Due to the impossibility of taking analgesics and conventional remedies, many women do not know how to calm this discomfort, but some natural solutions can become the best allies. So today we will explain how to ease toothache in pregnancy and feel much better.

Steps to follow:

1. The toothache during pregnancy or at any other stage of life may be due to various factors such as an abscess, caries, a nerve, a food that has been between our teeth causing inflammation, or simply to sensitivity of the gums.
The truth is that regardless of the cause it is convenient to visit dentist, especially when the discomfort does not happen. Only a professional can indicate the appropriate treatment according to your condition. However, some natural remedies can help relieve toothache in pregnancy without your baby being at risk.
2. Flosses between the teeth where you feel pain, because many times the inflammation and discomfort is caused by a residue of food that has remained between our teeth. By eliminating it you will also end up with pain.
It is also important that you brush your teeth 3 times a day without fail, electric brushes are much more effective to remove plaque and prevent inflammation of the gums so we recommend its use.
3. The mouthwash is a great ally to relieve toothache, it contains ingredients that will help reduce the presence of bacteria and relieve discomfort in teeth and gums. Rinse your mouth with this product at least three times a day, but remember that it is a temporary relief because you must go to the dentist to determine the cause of the discomfort.
4. You can also mix a little hot water, but not boiling or risk burning yourself, with mouthwash and half a teaspoon of salt. Salt , due to its antiseptic effect, along with the rinse and hot water will reduce inflammation and discomfort, being a very effective remedy to relieve discomfort.
5. Another solution is hydrogen peroxide, a good home remedy to relieve toothache during pregnancy. You just have to wet a swab or swab with hydrogen peroxide and apply directly to the mole that bothers you. You can repeat this process three times a day.
6. The slush drinks or ice can help numb the area where the tooth is located, thus reducing the inconvenience caused by this uncomfortable pain. You can also place some ice in a plastic bag and then cover it with a cloth to apply it to the side of the face where the sore molar is. This will help you temporarily relieve the discomfort.
7. These solutions are useful to relieve toothache during pregnancy temporarily, but if it is a serious dental problem such as a cavity, an abscess or a nerve that is compromised, you must visit your dentist to find the definitive This specialist can offer an appropriate treatment to your pregnancy without risking the health of your baby.


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