How to Keep Mobile Houses Warm in Winter?


Winter is considered one of the most beautiful seasons but it has got its worst perils as well. During very cold winter days it is very important to keep your house warm so that you do not feel cold and get sick. Winter has the most important festival of the year that is Christmas and what is Christmas without snow. Snow falls maybe very good to look at but it needs daily removal so that moulds are form and also to keep your place war. If you are living in a mobile house it is very tricky to trap the heat inside and keep yourself warm but there are certain ways that are described below:

  • To add a little colour in your home you hold adds window treatments. Because of this when you will open the window sunshine will come in and when you shut it will trap the warmth inside at night. It is also wise to add curtains at the front of the doors and windows. The use of solar shades or thermal lined drapes in also recommended. To know about this go to the page
  • To stop the gusts of cold air from entering your home through the doors you should make use of draft stoppers.
  • To insulate the floor and to trap the cold air beneath it is advised to use area rugs in the winter season. This will also keep the place and your feet nice and warm.
  • The method of planting evergreens outside your house will act as a wind break.
  • Install heating vents at your house and also make sure that the furniture at your place does not block the air vents.
  • On the inside of the window frames make sure to stretch sheets of plastic across it. You can make use of sheets of plastic or even use bubble wraps. This plastic wraps have little air pockets that will prevent warm air from escaping. The method involves cutting the sheet into the size of your window. Then spray some water in the window and then wrap the sheet to the glass window.
  • If you have electrical outlets at your house and if they are especially cracked then it will let heat escape from your house. To keep the house warm you should remove the electrical plate and reseal the inside with caulk but first of all turn of the electricity to proceed with this method.
  • You should also have storm windows installed and if you have then but they are broken get them repaired.
  • On a regular basis you are advised to change the furnace filter.
  • Another very easy method is to drink cups of coffee and hot chocolate to keep your body warm.

Winter is the most enjoyable season if you are taking right precautionary measures to keep yourself hot. Install a fireplace at your place and sit with a cup of coffee in front of it and enjoy the nice weather.


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