How to choose the Engagement Ring in five steps


Everything seems like a haven of peace, when suddenly the love of your life has just surprised you with a big question, no, not THE QUESTION, but the one that comes before – Do you want us to go shopping together to find your ring? – So before getting carried away by that adrenaline rush and going out to find the engagement ring of your dreams, there are some things you should keep in mind. First and last, everything begins and ends up finding the one that best suits your style and allows you to enjoy it during all the days of your life together.

Color, weight, size, purity, carats… the options are endless and sometimes everything is a bit complicated for someone who is just looking for a “beautiful ring”! So where should a future girlfriend start? Keep these five points in mind before deciding which engagement ring is best for you.

  1. Consider the future

Of course, it is easy to get caught in the madness of diamonds but you must not forget that your ring symbolizes an eternal commitment. Keep in mind the type of ring you want and how you will use your engagement ring after the wedding. Do you want a ring that you can wear in your day to day? Would you like to wear an engagement ring that matches the ring buy from this website? Or do you prefer an engagement ring with a large diamond that speaks for you? It is important to think about what type of piece you are going to use in the rest of your life to make it always with you.

  1. Invest in a set

Designers like Cristina Wish have taken the lead and present planned collections year after year that offer wedding bands to match the engagement ring, with options as special and fun as rose gold. And so, you can choose your engagement ring, your fiancé’s alliance and your own alliance with the three perfectly coordinated styles.

  1. Think about your lifestyle

Are you the kind of girl who would never go without her engagement ring, even to the most energetic class? Or are you one of those who spend more time in an idyllic and relaxing spa that allows you to disconnect from the frantic activity of the day? A set with air mount may not be the most suitable option for you if you lead a more active lifestyle, since it is really delicate and in this way the diamond suffers more every impact.

  1. Diamond or diamonds?

Are you thinking of a single impressive stone or have you always dreamed of a diamond surrounded by sapphires or emeralds? The number of stones you want to carry on your finger will undoubtedly influence the type of mount you choose. And if you opt for a large stone and want it to shine to the fullest, a brilliant size will be the most appropriate. If you are looking for a more romantic idea, you will love the most vintage proposals of air art-deco or art-noveau, my absolute weakness.

  1. The meaning under his mount

This will probably be the greatest piece of jewelry you will buy in your life so you will want every aspect of it to take on great meaning. Find a special message for the interior engraving that involves a deeper connection, a favorite moment of the two, a phrase that always arouses you a smile … Thus the promise of sharing a soul, a love, a life together will be even more significant.


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