Having to Enjoy Hong Kong in A Budgeted Way

Having to Enjoy Hong Kong in A Budgeted Way

Hong Kong is not a cheap place to find accommodation. But the availability of budgeted accommodation has changed through the years and there are so many different choices to choose from. All of these could be hotels, guesthouses, and even hostels to accommodate those with limited budget. It is not that difficult to find hotels in Hong Kong. But the challenging part is finding the hotels that best fits your budget.

Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most popular places where an increase of business people and visitors continue to come in increasing numbers. Most visitors come through Hong Kong International airport. From here, visitors can get connected to innovative airport hotels while other visitors transfer to hotels in Hong Kong’s city center. Here are some things to remember when visiting Hong Kong and get comfortable with where you stay.

Know When to Go

Hong Kong is popular as a great occupancy city and has no actual cheap and expensive season. However, activities and the many Chinese celebrations can result in super huge price increases, especially if you don’t book ahead. Busy times include; China New Year in Feb, Hong Kong Rugby Sevens in April and the Canton fair interval in Oct.


They might do college dorms but a stay at a University is more like a stay at a resort. These are student digs, and from the 50’s appliances to the Scandinavian sitting, there is a lot of style. The room can accommodate four and each one comes with a bathing room as well as a kitchen area and very fast WiFi. You’ll also have the permission to use a gym and pool area. Campus does provide free ride to and from the local MTR place. From there it’s about a twenty-minute drive into city. While students only leave in summer time, a certain number of rooms are always made available for visitors.


Hong Kong basically doesn’t have enough hostels and the town isn’t designed toward the backpacker. However, the marketplace is growing and more hostels have started out in the last five decades. The majority of Hong Kong’s price range housing is by means of guesthouses and various kinds of budget resorts. The plus side of these hostels is they are set in the wonderful Hong Kong landscapes, and have great accessibility Hong Kong’s amazing trails.

Hong Kong is costly, but it is possible to do Hong Kong on a backpacker price budget. Seeing the high prices when you arrive can be a little terrifying, but, as discovered, you can enjoy Hong Kong cheaply, and you can actually do a lot for a budgeted getaway. However, if you are staying for a long time, more than two weeks, you will be able to get a rebate, often substantial ones. In the same way, if you are reserved in a huge group you can again get a huge discount. Just like purchasing in Hong Kong, prices at personal guesthouses and lower-end resorts are nearly always flexible, and you should try and deal at least 25% from the estimated price.


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