Causes of Electrical Accidents and how to avoid them

Causes of Electrical Accidents and how to avoid them

When attending work, it is imperative to exhibit appropriate behavior. A proper code of conduct must be followed. Regardless of how cautious workers are, there is always the likelihood of accidents or unfortunate incidents happening in the work place. To avoid situations that employers and employees can ill afford, the former must set certain rules.

Despite employing safety procedures, accidents are always likely. In such cases, it is recommended to consult professionals like who can provide sufficient advice.

There are various casualties that can affect workers in any physical work. Let us take the example of electrical work. Hazards of the electrical variety can prove fatal in cases as well, which is why caution is strongly advised.

Causes of Accidents

There are many circumstances which lead to a mishap. They can be generally categorized into three fundamental types:

  • Inadequate equipment
  • Insufficient work practices
  • Unsafe conditions

Examples include unsafe wiring can have dangerous consequences. It is imperative not to expose wires but to cover them in the workplace. In this regard, there is a plan to accommodate workers and make sure they do not suffer any setback. Employers can use a range of safety devices and strategies offered by companies like so that wires are not unsafe.

A lack of training can have disastrous results therefore the provision of training to employers is also essential. They must know how to go about their activities so they are not running the risk of damage to themselves and others. If an employee is working on an electric control panel or grid, then it is assumed that they must have the training required to deal with the equipment.

In a worst case scenario, if that panel was ‘live’ then the worker is in the line of fire, literally. They might suffer physical damage such as excessive burns. This has a potential lawsuit written all over it. The employer will more than likely be prosecuted for negligence. An extension of this practice is to ensure that the person is competent enough to handle the task.

Electricians may also be working with unsuitable testing equipment or wires which do have adequate insulation at their site. Moreover, poor maintenance may also lead to accidents in some cases.

How to keep workers safe

  • Train employees: increase awareness among new recruits and existing staff about the rules and regulations of the workplace
  • Encourage safety: organizations must urge caution and expect safe practices from their employees
  • Provide adequate Instruments: Business which engage in labor intensive exercises must always give the right tools to their workers
  • Improve safety procedures: Employers must never stagnate but they should seek methods that eliminate risk

It is better to be safe than sorry. That certainly applies to electrical work. It is of paramount importance that engineers and mechanics are working in a secure setting and have the relevant know how. To avoid situations that employers and employees can ill afford, the former must set certain rules.


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