Bringing Change In The Life Of Many

Bringing Change In The Life Of Many

In the western areas you will get all the facilities on a one phone call and on the other hand there are countries where there are no facilities of calling for the emergency services. In those nations many people die because of no treatment and many people have such low standard of living that people had to struggle each day to live for the other day. Many people will avoid visiting these places because they fear from the situation or has no compassion for the humanity. But the one like Elizabeth Rehnke who has seen these situations since childhood will not have the same feeling.

These people have entirely different thinking. They do not fear horrible situations and have a strong heart to take every challenge of the life. These people are known by several names such as social workers, humanitarian and philanthropist. They decide to do something different apart from living a normal life of existence. They have their mission sets and that is to provide health facilities which are one of the most important things to survive.

How medical missions are organized?

The backward areas do not have medical facilities and by organizing missionary camps in these areas many lives are saved by the social workers. These missions are continuously being runner with the help of charity and volunteers. These people have to face many problems and challenges. For every missionary camp to be successful there is required of continues supplies of the medication and other medical facilities.

Everything is shipped from the abroad to these remote areas. Social workers have to manage this entire hinge along with the taking care of the people. They have to put a lot of efforts but their dedication is so strong that they have succeeded in organizing and finishing the medical missions successfully. Many people have gained their health back and many are having successful treatments.

Social workers play a very important role for any NGO’s as there are many fewer people who voluntarily come forward to offer a lending hand. With the help of these people many lives are saved each day. People like Liz Rehnke have helped thousands of people and has improvised various nations. She has a strong impact on the lives of the others. There are so many ways by which these people can be helped in a generous ways. But providing these people with a chance to live a better life is the only thing that should be done for good.



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