Best Ways to Monitor Inventory on a Construction Site

Best Ways to Monitor Inventory on a Construction Site

Construction sites are vulnerable to theft of valuable capital inventory and fixtures. Government facility managers, company owners, partners, and security personnel continue to be aware of the need for monitoring activity to protect site inventory. Some best practice methods include security patrol, camera video, motion detectors, and radar level sensors. Contractors experience radar level sensor needs primarily and are eager to procure and implement radar sensor technology across construction work sites. Sensor protection technology is utilized within the oil and gas, drilling, construction, engineering, maritime and industrial sectors. Construction is constant.

National disasters for flooding and fire impact the construction site footprint. There are daily news stories for loss of property arising from natural disaster. The restaurant chain Pita Pit, one of the fastest-growing quick service restaurant franchises in the country, has experienced loss of construction site inventory on several occasions. When Hurricane Maria impacted Puerto Rico, the telecommunications system for contractors was degraded. Restaurant construction site activity was delayed for weeks, and then only slowly met construction schedules due to both lack of materials and electricity availability. Theft and loss of property were problems.

The mobile home industry stages construction sites with valuable home fixtures, furniture and other inventory. These homes are geared for the mobile consumer within a budget but also includes high-end affordable living. Prices may approximate detached or new built home stock. As mobile home construction sites are built with housing stock volume in mind, protection is key. Similarly, new high-end home construction sites utilize model homes for display to prospective customers. These homes also carry luxury capital inventory to attract customers and are vulnerable to stripping/theft. The need exists for property protection.

Commercial and industrial sites contain equipment over the life of the construction project. Some equipment items may include: hydraulic cranks, mooring systems, cable drum trailers, wire rope hoists, forklifts, company trailers, temporary storage and warehouse buildings, modules, and other equipment. All equipment must be secured 24/7, and that is where security technology comes in.

Radar Level Sensors

Radar level sensors are easy to install and maintain. These sensors are valuable to industrial construction sites holding chemical tanks or containers required for outlay needs. Dust and other particles trapped within open or closed air/water systems are tracked with radar sensor microwave-pulse technology. Non-contact and continuous measurement aid the protection of containerized or air-quality purity. The radar sensor technology is adjustable for material measurement.

Whether the residential construction site is detached or mobile, rented or owned, all property dwellers require safe site monitoring activity. Companies tasked with built responsibility for commercial and industrial construction sites provide the major consumer niche for protection technology. In addition, company cost-effectiveness for the bottom line is well-served. Radar sensor security negates company security personnel maintenance, overhead, and costly replacement of capital structures and fixtures. Saved resources may be transferred back into labor pay, initial capital purchases and similar. All in all, well-monitored construction sites pay their way.


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