All You Need To Know About Myeloma

All You Need To Know About Myeloma

Cancer is the uncharacterised and continuous growth undifferentiated cells without any effective cause. And when the plasma cells are affected by a cancer it is specifically called myeloma or multiple myeloma. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cells which helps our body fight infections as they produce special kind of proteins which are known as antibodies or immunoglobullins. When a person has myeloma a large number of these defective plasma cells are produced in the bone marrow. The defective or abnormal plasma cells are called myeloma cells. They keep multiplying in a haphazard manner and form tumors. The tumors are mainly formed in the bone marrow or the surface of different bones of the body.

These tumors also secrete certain chemicals which affect the other bone marrow. The bone marrow on stimulation from these chemicals starts removing calcium from the bones. This in turn makes the bones weak and brittle which makes them more susceptible to breakage. The tumors also affect the bone marrow’s ability to make red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Treating myeloma can be an extensive process so you should do your research beforehand to choose what would be best for you as the cost of myeloma treatment in India as any other cancer treatment is pretty high.


If you ask the question on what the cause of any cancer is, you won’t really find any accurate answer. It hold true for myeloma too. The exact cause of myeloma is also unknown to the doctors. But it has been found that people with defective or damaged genes which are responsible for the blood cell development are more susceptible to the disease. Exposure to radiation in high doses or certain industrial chemicals on a regular basis has also been seen to increase the risk of acquiring myeloma.


Myeloma is seen to cause tumors in the bone marrow and on the bone surface, so it is quite obvious that bone pain is the most common symptom of myeloma. The patients have seen their neck and ribs to most often experience the pain. The other symptoms are because of the abnormal blood cells produced when the cancer affects.
• Anaemia is a common symptom of patients suffering from myeloma due to the lack of proper functioning red blood cells.
• Frequent and continuous infections and diseases which heal really slowly as white blood cells are also defective.
• Bleeding is uncontrolled and increases as the platelet count decreases in the myeloma patients.

Diagnosis And Treatment

The best myeloma hospitals in India are there to help you diagnose your disease and confirm whether it is myeloma or not. They use various tests to confirm it so that the patient doesn’t waste a single penny unnecessarily.
The stage of myeloma you are in determines the kind of treatment your doctors will deem appropriate for you. The general health and also the age of the patient will determine the type of treatment. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery are the most common means of treating myeloma. But it cannot be cured completely.


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