i roam alone

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1:🌙🪄🧸wait for JW 🐱🦊:
@PabePabo I roam alone 5555
2:Sasha 🇰🇼:
Gotta kiss my demons, send them on their way…a haunted place where I used to roam those streets alone 🎶
i roam alone_3
I roam alone with my STV and the Nomad. Ice and cold and hot and burned. /ZtRHNgZ4vW
lai was with the whole fam during summer at japan.

he decided to roam around osaka, alone.

lai was slowly getting emotional as he remembers his promise to someone.

he entered a thrift shop when a girl bumped into her.

“oops, im sorry!”
if i survive take me to green isles otherwise kiss my eyelids closed this is the road i chose, i roam alone_
6::ᅠ𝓟rince 𝖔f͟ 𝖙h͟e͟ 𝓝𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐒𝐏𝐄𝐑𝐄 .:
i roam alone_6

ㅤ ⠀⠀this poison world is my
home , dont know where i roam but at least im not alone . a demons blood insade my veins .

i hope i find you some day , give me a sign , GIVE ME A SIIIGN. 🎶

ㅤㅤ /S4YZZEBGub
you give me elevation
ive been alone, just waiting
to be back with you, baby
cold where you roam
8:امیر۔ حمزہ۔ شیخ:
Life! Such a beautiful word but you know what, people will always be there for you to create some kind of impediment. I mean why they are not doing their own things? I just want to be alone and roam in a crowd of people without any disruption.
9:$lim Jim:
I wish I had a homegirl or 2 I literally roam the city alone (wit my kid on the side of me) 😂😂
10:Adan Aliva:
Pushed you as far as i could take you, i held your hand in the hardest moments, and in the best moments.

I will forever treasure your smile and your last kiss in the back of my mind.
I will roam this desert alone, a hopeless romantic, its okay being alone with your memories..

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