Why You Should Consider Adding a Porch to Your Home in Scotland

Why You Should Consider Adding a Porch to Your Home in Scotland

Almost any home owner in Scotland can add a porch to their property without having to get planning permission, provided it is of a certain size and not more like an extension that a porch. This article will discuss some of the advantages of installing a porch at the front of your property, how it can save money, and improve aesthetics.

The Benefits of Adding a Porch

A porch is usually built to the front of your home, but it can also be installed to the side or rear of your property depending on space. People add porches to their premises for all sorts of reasons, not only to improve their home’s visual appeal.

Extra Space > One of the main reasons why people add a porch to their home is to increase space, a porch can make your front room feel considerably bigger once installed. It can also give you extra space in your hallway if you need to extend this area further. The vast majority of homes built in Scotland don’t come with a porch, that is why many homeowners choose to have one built. There are several porch installation specialists located around Fife, Dundee, and Glasgow that can design and build a bespoke porch in Scotland which utilises space effectively. They’ll be able to create an area which is perfect for hanging jackets, storing shoes and other garments when you or a visitor arrive at your home.

Added Security > Having a porch also improves security around your home, if you install a solid, robust front door, anyone trying to access your property without permission will have to break through no one but two doors. Having a porch can work as a deterrent to intruders, once they see this feature on a home, they’ll think twice about trying to gain access. A porch door also includes the same locking system as your main door, so it would take a burglar too much time to try and break through both features.

Improves Energy Efficiency > Installing a porch means adding an extra dimension to your home, this extra feature also helps to prevent heat loss. So, choosing to add a porch to the front of your property is a great way of cutting down on utility bills. Anyone who has lived in Scotland for a period of time will know it gets very cold during the winter and having something to trap heat in your home is hugely beneficial. If you hire a professional installation team to design a high-quality porch, you should be able to move from your new front door to your old front door without losing heat.

Adding a porch to your premises has many benefits, it not only looks aesthetically pleasing, it also improves security, adds extra space to your hallway, and improves energy efficiency. It will help to drastically lower your utility bills and create an additional area which can be used to store footwear and clothing.


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