The Positive Influences of the Westside Family Church

The Positive Influences of the Westside Family Church

The material aspect may play a rather important and intrinsic role in life but you can never feel complete without being spiritually fit. The health of your spiritual life in a large way contributes to the overall happiness that you may experience in your life. Despite this, not many engage in ensuring the health of the spirit. However, all is not lost, for those who are still realizing the essentiality of this can always visit the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS in Kansas where they will be served with the healthiest food for your spirit and a chance to restore your relationship with God.

This family church at Lenexa, Kansas believes that one’s life should be centered on Jesus and that is what they strive to do through the worship sessions, the singing of the hymns, explanation of the Biblical passages and their relevance to the contemporary life. Jesus is the center of everything according to them, His teachings, His promises; everything plays a very positive influence in the lives of the members of the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS.

Their weekend services, often work as eye openers for a lot of people, due to the preaching’s of the pastors from the Bible. People are awestruck to find the solution to all their problems already stated in the Bible centuries ago. The belief of the people is restored to a great degree and it creates in them an urge to follow Christ in the way He lived His life while He was here on this Earth.

One of the most important teachings of Jesus was service of others; He himself helped all those in need, not just when they asked for help but also when they did not. This Jesus did to tell the world that God still loves the world and though time and again man has hurt God by sinning against Him, there is nothing that can come in between the love that God has for his creation.

Having a close and good relation with Jesus means to have a positive influence within your life that can help you rise above all situations, with the best kind of understanding that you can ever imagine. Living a life like Christ means to live a life of giving and care for others, and so, this forms a major activity within the programs of the Westside Church. They in fact, derive pleasure in being able to help the needy and the deprived and their growing and thriving relation with Jesus helps them to change from inside out.

Experiencing such extreme bliss even when life is full of worries and hardships, the volunteers call one and all families to join them in this life and partake in the love and joy of being associated with Jesus Christ. This to them is a fool proof solution to the answered questions of one’s life and the way in which you can have an optimistic attitude towards life.


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