Social Worker- Hope Of A New Beginning


There are very few personalities in the world who have different dreams and these people are considered as unique and always stand out of the crowd because of their offerings to the humanity. One such personality is Elizabeth Rehnke who has been working for the betterment of the children since her childhood. There are many people like her who are serving the humanity without any gain. These people have support networks, and with their help they organize different education and medical camps in the backward areas. These people are so determined that they never fear of the challenges of the medical camps.

Effective services of the social workers

In the medical camps there is a constant need of supplies and services. Social workers constantly work for the ill and suffering night and day. Backward areas are more prone to epidemics because these people are not educated and have no facilities. They are unhygienic people and do not know the importance of the hygiene.

Social workers educate these people and help them learn how hygiene can help them in living better lives. In the remote areas there are people who have been suffering from the severe disease for years but have no hope of getting treatments because they are poor and cannot afford to visit the hospitals in town. But according to the social workers whether a human is poor or rich everyone has equal right of living a healthy life. Their children have equal right of getting an education and this believes help in fulfilling these beliefs.

Social workers raise funds with the help of the non-governmental organizations which are utilized in getting medical supplies, equipment and starting school in the remote areas. Many lives have been changed through these missionary camps. Many have been educated and now they know how they can avoid epidemics by cleaning their surroundings.

How social worker is different from others

In the remote areas the worse situations have been encountered by the social workers. People are suffering from years and there is a huge level of epidemics. It is very tough for an ordinary people to survive in such conditions but social workers who have determination in their heart to help people happily work for hours to get these people heal. These people are so passionate that they can change this face of the world. People like Liz Rehnke are inspiration to many


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