Points to ponder before you are planning to colour your hair?


If you are planning to colour your hair for the first time, it can be an intimidating scenario. You need to educate yourself about the various facets of colouring your hair. Once you are aware of the procedures to colour your hair, then you would be confident about the colouring drill.

The frequency you need to be colouring your hair?

A decision has to be made on how often you need to be colouring your hair before proceeding to a hair salon. Every three weeks if you are not planning to do with the roots then we can discuss it further. As per ketomac shampoo use if you are planning to get it done by a hair professional then you need to open up to them. The moment you talk to them on what you are exactly looking they would guide you about the light or dark strands. Even if you are applying for the first time what is the amount of colour that you need to apply. If the professional is aware on how often you plan to come for touch ups you can narrow down the amount of colour you want to maintain.

Once you are doing it at your home you need to be careful. This is one of the important hair colouring tips you will get. Many people do not take stock of the amount of hair colour they go on to apply. A prudent approach needs to be adopted on the amount of hair colour you are applying. By doing so you can be sure about the amount of hair colour you need to apply and even the rhythm as well.

Do not fall into the trap of advertisements

Many women end up falling into the trap of an image box. The model might replicate the perfect shade of brown colour, but you might not be aware what the hair colour was before. The desired tone and degree of colour are important points to ponder. When you compare it on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 is the lightest whereas 10 are the darkest. The above factors have to be taken in mind when you are about to choose a hair colour.

 A patch test

It would be of utmost importance that a new colour needs to be tested on a particular area, before you plan to put it on your entire head. This prevents the occurrence of a mishap as suppose if the colour is ashy your skin may look old and dry. The scalp could also be put up for reaction if it’s resistant to any type of harsh chemicals. Before applying the colour all over the place it is better to test it first. In this regard a patch test would be of help.

This would be all about your colouring experience, and if you plan to consider all the above issues seriously you would not face any problems. Do choose an anti dandruff shampoo ketomac to let things work in your favour.


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