Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Gorgeous Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Your hairstyles can make you look and feel young when you are very old and vice versa. For the old women, there are short hairstyles for women over 50, that will leave many guessing your age. These ten hairstyles will motivate you on your next look.


12 Chic Hairstyles for Women Aged Over 50.

1.The Wispy Look.

If you want to look casual yet beautiful, consider this hairstyle. Little time and effort needed to make it.

2.Wispy Bob

Both the curvature and wispiness of this style makes a face look like that of a toddler and make one look very youthful. Besides, the soft and textured fringe adds to these qualities.

3.Layered Framing Style.

The haircut is characterized by a fringe with the remaining hair pushed away from the face.

4.Highlights and Bangs

All the hanging sides are of the same size, making it possible to sustain most of its weight. Hence it is a seamless cut for those with fine hair. Its styling doesn’t make it look bulky. Besides, its small bend in the front hair makes it look soft.

5.Wispy Fringe Cut

Characterized by attractive wispy fringe and elongated layers on an upper side of the head.

6.Chin-Length Bob

It is almost the same length keeping the hair dense which is good for the fine hair.

7.Angled Bob with Round Layers.

It is slightly angled bob with many round layers and light fringe. It is simple to style so you can do it yourself. Ideal for women who are always on the move and also classic pros.

8.Youthful Angled Bob.

It is a youthful, lustrous and fashionable hairstyle. It has layers which set it free for any movement. Can be tailored in several ways to suffice the client’s interest. It is suitable for any face shape.

9.Graduated Bob.

This is just an advanced A-line bob. An outstanding characteristic of it that is loved by many is its simplicity, all with an edge!

10.Disconnected Pixie

The shattered length of the hair is left to overlap the area which is shaved. This style creates a robust, but yet a refined complement of texture and measurement. Ideal for all the ages that aspire to do something casual or even classy. It is a universal haircut and works perfectly with almost all hair types.

11.Undercut Pixie

What I love most about this hairstyle is its versatility. Using it in many different styles is possible. You can decide to wear it to the right, centre, left or all towards the center. Isn’t that adorable? When you feel high-spirited, it can be worn up also. Options are just infinite.

12.Rounded Bob.

Rounded bob is a beautiful round shaped hairstyle. Its back and side look are so perfect and venerable.it is ideal for the women with naturally straight, and curly hair.


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