Flowers – Enticing Accessories of Human Emotion


For centuries, flowers have served as objects of endearment for humans. Fragrant, soft, and tantalizing as they are, they often get associated with numerous emotions and affections. Flowers are natural entities that help express care, warmth, dedication, joy, passion, good wishes, friendship, and so on.

In fact, the charm of flowers is so strong that even gods are said to be pleased at the very sight of them. The custom of gifting flowers to the special people in one’s life has existed in several cultures throughout the world for a long time. The fact that they are available in rich varieties and colors helps keep the custom going even further.

Gifting Flowers

The gifting of flowers is not a fad, but an important part of social custom in many ethnicities all across the globe. From birthdays and anniversaries to festivals and death, flowers hold significance in almost all walks of life.

Thanks to the advancement of the gifting industry, flowers today are available in a variety of special arrangements like heart shapes, vases, and bouquets. Be it to woo your lady love or to appease your angry friend, an online flowers delivery can help you set things right.

Different flowers and their importance –

There are numerous types of flowers available for online delivery, but you have to know the right choice for a particular occasion. To help you out in doing that, here’s a list of some of the most widely gifted flowers and the meanings they hold –


One of the most popular types of flowers, orchids bloom even in tough conditions and are found in several colors. And it is because of this very reason that these blooms are often used to express love. They were widely used in the Victorian Era as symbols of warmth and affection. Orchids in Japanese culture are also believed to be symbols of luxury or prosperity.


Roses are no doubt a classic choice among flowers for gifting. The world has many fans when it comes to roses. Available in attractive colors, from light pink, yellow, red, and orange to white and purple, roses have a sophisticated feel about them. White roses symbolize purity and are used during funerals; red roses on the other hand stand for love and passion. Pink roses express grace; orange roses, excitement; and yellow are for friendship.


From being the national flower of Spain to holding religious importance in Christianity, carnations have played many roles. It is believed that the Virgin Mary shed tears when Jesus carried his cross and her tears fell on earth and bloomed as carnations. Carnations therefore, are used to signify a mother’s undying love, purity, and also admiration.


Available in many bright colors, lilies are summer flowers that are associated with positivity. They have also been used as symbols of religious orders in some parts of the world. Lilies indicate devotion, virtue, and friendship, and are a popular anniversary flower.


Gerberas are widely popular for the perky colors that they come in. Since they make a happy sight, they are mostly associated with cheerfulness and innocence. You can gift a bunch of gerberas to your friend to express your commitment and warmth towards them.


These flowers get their name from swords, because of their sharp tipped leaves. Symbolizing moral strength and integrity, they have a history that spans Africa and the Mediterranean region. These can be gifted on any happy occasion and to people who are strong-spirited.

Confused about what gifts to buy or just too broke to afford anything expensive? Choose from among the above-mentioned flowers and get set for any party or celebratory occasion.


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