Five New Items of Next-Generation Catering Equipment

Five New Items of Next-Generation Catering Equipment

Nowadays technology pervades our lives right across the board, both personally and professionally. While as consumers we use technology to connect with the world, make shopping easier and giving access to all types of information via apps, businesses use technology for slightly different reasons.

Why Do Businesses Use Technology?

For a business, technology brings a more competitive edge by allowing them to connect with their potential customers, develop their processes to help reduce costs and to improve their customers’ experience in the hope that they will return.

The catering industry is no different. While it can be tempting to simply purchase the latest technology, assuming that it will be the best, that’s not always the case.

Caterers should take as much care purchasing technology as they would when selecting commercial refrigeration such as that supplied by companies like They must assess their needs and requirements and what they are hoping to achieve. There are some technologies, though, that most food preparation businesses should consider.

Five Must-Have Technologies for the Catering Industry

Starting at the beginning of the sales process, specialised catering software can allow salespeople out in the field to have the information they require to prepare quotes and proposals at their fingertips without the need to constantly call the office. Furthermore, most software will also make customising these very straightforward, allowing the salesperson to show the client various ‘what if’ scenarios.

This same software can double as CRM system so that a business can collate all the appropriate information about the sales process, including quotes delivered, emails sent, telephone conversations and more, in one place.

CRM software also allows a business to build a database of clients that can be marketed to in future, and according to Fourth Source, few people realise the value that a CRM system can add to a business’s brand.

The added advantage of specialised software it that makes your salesforce mobile, with the ability to remotely access live information while with a client.

Your website should also be fit for purpose with easy access to menu and table reservation information, whatever device clients are viewing it with.

Reward and loyalty schemes are also very popular, and there are apps and software available to allow a caterer to easily set up and manage their own promotions.


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