Best resorts near Mumbai for a quick weekend break

Best resorts near Mumbai for a quick weekend break

People living in Mumbai always feel a race in their mind and life to follow their dreams. Though this race is important to reach your goals, sometimes it is better to give yourself a break from that hassle.

There are various resorts near Mumbai will allow you to have a quick weekend break. Spending just a single week in these resorts can help you escape from the monotonous way of living your life.

So, here are all the best resorts near Mumbai for your weekend escape.

  1. Della Resorts- Lonavala

Della Resorts are one of the best resorts in LonavalaThe location is near to Mumbai, which makes it easier for the people to reach and spend a lovely weekend. The beautiful resort allows you to spend time in spa and Jacuzzis. Plus, the adventure activities are provided to make your vacation full of thrill and excitement. In fact, the adventure sports provided here are considered the best in the country.

  1. U Tropicana Resort- Alibaug

The search for a luxurious beach resort takes people from Mumbai straight to Alibaug. The U Tropicana resort offers everything that one can expect during a vacation. The resort combines the beauty of the location and the relaxing calmness with the luxurious amenities. And that is what makes it a suitable choice for a weekend break.

The amenities in the resort include a poolside bar, gaming zone, and a library along with all the five-star comfort in the rooms.

  1. Treasure Island Resort- Lonavala

Treasure Island is the resort where you want to be for a calm and rejuvenating weekend. The lagoon villa, deluxe suites, and comfortable rooms come with many activities to indulge in. Whether you want to spend your whole day in the pool, or want to relax in a sauna, the resort has everything available.

The multiple budget-friendly staying options make the resort highly effective for a weekend break. You don’t need to spend much in order to plan an enjoyable weekend here.

  1. The Verandah in the Forest- Matheran

Giving a feeling of staying in a forest, this resort is surrounded by the green hills and dense forest. The resort has been created by converting a 19th-century property. This makes it a heritage location too. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get luxuries. In fact, the resort has impressive amenities to make your stay comfortable. And that enhances the relaxing time you obtain amidst the natural beauty of the landscape.

  1. Cloud 9 Hills Resort- Amba Valley Road

If you can drive for about 3 hours from Mumbai, the Cloud 9 Hills Resort awaits in the Amba Valley Road. The location of the resort is at the height of 1500 ft., which makes it a perfect place to please your eyes with beautiful sceneries. The beauty of the landscape comes along with the luxurious amenities provided by the resort.


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