A Complete Guide to Finding a Trusted Locksmith

A Complete Guide to Finding a Trusted Locksmith

There’s more to hiring a good locksmith than just scrolling through a directory and hoping for the best. These people will be entrusted with the security of your house, car, safe or office building, so it’s important to be careful. Here are just a few tips for finding and selecting a locksmith.

Look for an Accredited Company

Your first step for finding a locksmith should be going through the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA). Since there are no actual government regulations concerning locksmiths, scammers often pretend to be lock experts just to gain access to your property. They take advantage of your panic when you’re late for work but locked out of your car. See What it Means to be a Master Locksmiths Approved Company for more information.
On the flip side, the MLA is an organization that vets, inspects and oversees locksmiths in the UK. You can trust anyone under their umbrella. If the company has the MLA seal of approval, it means that they’re not a con artist: They’ve been evaluated and accepted according to MLA standards.

Ask About Their Services

From replacing locks to duplicating keys, locksmiths can have many talents. If you’re in need of a specific one, make sure that your chosen locksmith lists it on their website under “services” or “skills.” Don’t just assume that a locksmith will be able to crack a safe or drill through a door. Especially with the rise of smart technology, there might be locksmiths who aren’t equipped to handle certain kinds of security measures. Verify that they can meet your needs before you go to the trouble of bringing them into your home.

Get Clear on Costs

Speaking of home visits, make sure that you understand your locksmith’s prices before you bring them over the threshold. Some locksmiths will charge you for an estimate or consultation; others won’t. There’s no way to tell except by asking. While you’re at it, ask them about their other costs as well. Will they charge you for materials, labour or both? Do they have an hourly rate, or will they expect a flat fee regardless of the time spent on your keys and locks?

Read Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can tell you a lot about a potential locksmith. For example, if they dented the frame of someone’s car while attempting to help them with a lockout, you’ll know in advance that the company is cavalier about property damage. On the flip side, they might offer wonderful service with a cheery attitude that always makes customers smile. You’ll never know unless you read the reviews, so hunt them down and peruse them carefully. Good quality reviews for locksmiths can be found for trusted emergency locksmith’s in Kettering and in your local area.
These are just a few tips for hiring a locksmith. Whether you’re replacing the deadbolt on your front door or copying file cabinet keys for the new associates at work, a good locksmith can make all of the difference in your plans.


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